Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Getting in the Groove - Day One

Alright, Jeff Goins.  Here I am, ready for Day One.

Today's challenge is DECLARE.

Declare yourself a writer.

 I. Am. A. Writer.

Well, that wasn't too painful.  Except that once you say that, once you write that, people say things like, "Oh, what have you published?" or "What do you write?"

To which I respond with an answer that sounds something like, "mmmffffBLOGfmmmmnn."


But one look at this stack of books in my home (and the bigger stack in my classroom), and you'd think I was a professional writer with a full resume. 

Nope.  I love the craft.  My brain is filled with so many great nuggets of writing wisdom, I could write a book of my own.  But between motherhood and teaching, my own writing is random and rare at best.

So today is a declaration and a decision.  No matter how wack-a-doodle my life gets, I must make a space for writing.  I just have to write. 

 After all, what matters isn't what you do once in a while, it's what you do

What should you STOP doing in order to START doing something important? 

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