Friday, June 01, 2012

I Want to Be Like Howard

Tony Evans
Andy Stanley
Chuck Swindoll
Joseph Stowell
David Jeremiah
Bruce Wilkerson
Chip Ingram

These men are contemporary Christian leaders with various ministries, but they all have something in common -- this man:

Dr. Howard Hendricks is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.  His students have the utmost respect and love for him as a teacher, role model, and mentor through the years -- just read that link to see what some of them have to say.

When Christians hear the names of the men in the first list, they immediately think of books or radio programs, but you won't meet many people who know the name Howard Hendricks.  And that's probably just fine with him.

I pray I can be like this...leave a legacy like this...pouring into others, humbling myself, making sure I am living a life worth copying and imitating, just as Paul suggests in the New Testament. 

Can I encourage someone to love their husband and children the way I do? 

Spend their money like me?

Pray and study God's Word the way I pray and study?

Drive like me?? 

Oh dear.

I'm sure Dr. Hendricks is not perfect.  I'm sure he's utterly baffled by the way God has used him.  But he was obedient to his call, kept his focus pure, and allowed God to do the rest. 
May we strive for the same!

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Susan said...

Gulp. Convicting. Thanks.