Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 Things I Learned in September

I'm linking up with sweet Emily P. Freeman today, as she invites other bloggers to share what they learn each month. Go read her books, for crying out loud! She's a favorite.

This past week, I've tried to decide what I've learned this month, how to share it here. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Sip, don't guzzle.  I seem to be "guzzling" lately - reading too fast, eating mindlessly, speeding when there's no need ('cause sometimes there IS a need, right??), and simply losing my ability to focus. This is never good for my soul. I can almost feel it drying up and wrinkling when I go this pace for too long. Thankfully, the Lord brought a book into my life that stopped me "mid-guzzle." The Sacred Year by Michael Yankoski is the kind of book you sip one rich word at a time.

I didn't realize how much multi-tasking I was really doing until I read this book, which led to a hurried soul, unable to rest in the Lord. I will be taking my time with this one.

2. Give room for the Holy Spirit.  I am learning that, too often, I try to be the Holy Spirit to my children. What I mean is that I try to control their decisions, their convictions, (and anything else I can control, let's be honest) which results in them relying on ME instead of GOD.

If I can't help them listen to HIS voice, I inevitably insert my own. I am not God. I am not the Holy Spirit. Dear child, you must know Christ on your own. For example, I really wanted my oldest to make a particular decision that I believed would be so good for him. It would help him grow and develop as a believer. Instead of pushing him, I was delighted to see God truly help him come to this decision on his own. Without my interference! What do you know?!

Lesson learned. Back off, Mama, and pray more.

3. One Password is All I Need

There is no way on God's green earth I can keep track of all these usernames and passwords, people. And is it just me, or is it a little disconcerting when everything starts to go digital?! A paperless society is coming, folks, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
Well, in the meantime, let the One Password App help you out. I put in ONE BLOOMIN' PASSWORD and I'm in. This is where you can store all your other username/password combos. Cool.

4. Preaching is Actually Fun.  This past week, I presented a message at our JH/HS retreat for school. I was a little nervous, but excited to share. I mean, teaching is basically like preaching, right? Well. Sort of. I found myself thinking about the message constantly, and feelings of doubt and anxiety kept me from falling asleep some nights.

But the actual preaching itself? Pretty exciting! I love the way the Lord moves and works in ways I never anticipated. I think everyone should preach at least once in a lifetime -- it certainly changes the way you view your Pastor!

5. Selfies vs. Shark Attacks

It's official: more people have died in 2015 from taking selfies than from shark attacks. This article goes into more detail, but it's the random bizarre fact that won't leave my brain. We have officially been killing ourselves by being obsessed by ourselves. Mercy.

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