Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Mom in the check-out lane,

I see you in the grocery store, picking up that sippy cup AGAIN because your toddler is in the "throwing" stage.  He kicks his legs from the front of the cart with delight.  It's fun to make you pick that up, Mama!  I'm watching your baby watch you, as he wonders if you will scold him or tease him.  You put the sippy cup in the diaper bag and whisper something in his ear that makes him smile without teeth.

I want to give you a box of chocolates.  I want to sing your praises in front of these strangers.

I'm sure you've already learned this, but it's so easy to be hard and hard to be easy.  I shamefully admit, my default mode is harsh.  It just is.  A snappy comment here, a quick retort there- I embarrass myself daily with the way I act with my children sometimes.  Why can't my default be kinder?  Easier? Is it any wonder I hear them treat each other with harsh words as well?

Humbling myself before my children is slowly becoming more of a habit.  Working through our heart issues and loving each other well -- this is what I pray becomes the language of our home.

So, Mom in Wal-Mart, I high-five you, girl.  This is hard work.  This is the greatest role you will every play in the great drama of life.   Don't give up now.


Mrs. Thompson said...

YES! I walked in to Morgan's nursery to see why he wasn't sleeping - he'd taken off his diaper and wiped its contents ALL OVER the sheet, crib, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. He, too, was covered in the stuff. I'm grateful now that my reaction was just shock and a bath tub, instead of scolding him or being mad even though he's too young to remember my tongue-thrashing:) Moms like you, Jeannie, and this Wal-Mart mom remind me to be Christ's hands, feet and washcloth at every moment:) So thank you.


con said...

hey, to you and your friend, mrs. thompson...i have to do a baby shower in a few weeks and was wondering if i could use excerpts of your post and comment. i especially like "Christ's hands, feet, and washcloth." i won't use names unless you want me to. they want me to relate my devotion to the love Jesus has shown to His children. He certainly has cleaned up our messes.

Jeannie said...

Sure, that's cool!

Jeannie said...

Kate, I hear you!! First-born did the same thing, but with puke. Sorry for that visual. Thanks for stopping by!