Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lambeau Love

For a belated anniversary getaway, Aaron and I went to the land of romance ~ Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Some ladies want flowers and chocolates.  I want football games at Lambeau.  Yes, even if the loss is horrific and humiliating.  And the cold leaves you shivering for days.  It's still a great story to tell the young-ins, I say.
We met up with Nick and Beth, who flew in from D.C.  Beth and I cuddled throughout the game to keep warm and because that's all you can do when you are hip to hip with over 70,000+ other fans.
Aaron took this great picture of Clay Matthews and unknowingly got the groovy Pam Oliver on the sidelines.  What's up, girl?

Agonizing?  Yes.  Fun?  YES.  I'll always love the Packers.  It's part of loving the man I married 17 years ago.  He's a Packer, so I'm a Packer.  It makes life fun, even when we lose a huge game like last weekend.

Excuse me while I go weep silently into my cheesehead.

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Rachel said...

Weeping right along with you, girl! Looks like you had great seats though!! We were watching for you!