Thursday, June 16, 2011

Take Me to a Country Church...

I wrote this poem after a visit to Hayward Wesleyan Church in Hayward, Wisconsin -- a funky little town in northern Wisconsin known for it's Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

(K&C Farmer!  Good memories!)

(by me!)

Take me to a country church
on a clear blue day in June
where smiling strangers
shake your hand
overwhelm you with grace

Let there be a young man
strumming a guitar and singing
his voice strong and scrubbed clean

Let there be children
small enough to fit in
the laps of their fathers
resting their heads on his chest

Let there be truth
spoken plainly
about simple devotion
to a gracious God
mercy and peace
flowing in waves

Let joy fill the sanctuary
overflow out open windows
where angels inhale
the sweet aroma
and dance in the light


Megan Kingery said...

I've been to that church before!! My roommate at Bethel goes there :)

Jeannie said...

Very cool! The pastor there came and officiated my father-in-law's funeral in Superior last year. He is a humble, godly man and I'm so thankful for his ministry.

Did she take you to the Big Fish??? ;)

farmer64 said...

Fun memories. That was a great trip if you leave out the part about our van breaking down.