Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surrendering to Summer

Easter, earlier this year :)

The language of motherhood is funny.

I used to smile when people would ask, "Oh, so you're a full-time mom?" As if there could be such a thing as "part-time" mom....

But I knew what they meant.  I spent many days wishing I was not necessarily a "full-time mom" because the work was harder than anything I'd ever known while being more rewarding than anything I'd ever do.

I remember coming across this quote and writing it down, wanting to remember it forever. 

"Amid the noise of boys and my swinging emotions I suddenly got very still inside.  As I sat wrapped in the gray bathrobe four babies had nestled against while they nursed, my brain started clanging this jubilant message:  'There are no shackles in this house, this is no jail.  These kids are your ticket to freedom like nothing you've ever tasted...It's the liberation that comes from the sheer act of living itself.  When you stop to be where you are, then your life can really begin."  (Surrendering to Motherhood by Iris Krasnow)

This summer, I hope I can remember this.  I hope I can be ALL HERE for these amazing children who will never be like this again.  This is the only Summer 2011 we get.  I don't want to miss it.

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