Monday, June 20, 2011

The Opposite of Shy...

...would be this person right here:

I was reminded today of how God has blessed this boy of mine with the gift of friendly gab.  (Must get it from his Dad...)

  I'll never forget the night we were at a basketball game when he was about 4 years old.  A man came and stood next to the bleachers where we were seated on the end and Jonny looked at him and said brightly, "You can sit here with us guys!!"  

Today at lunch, Aaron brought home a co-worker and this little guy's mouth never. stopped. once.  Now, granted, he knows this guy and he's not a stranger, but STILL!  
For cryin' to Pete, give the man a chance to talk!!

Topics Jonny covered at lunch:

* "driving" a boat over the weekend *

*  how he is going to get an ice cream sundae at VBS tomorrow *

* inquiring how many people were in this man's family *

* "and what are your children's ages?" *

*  displaying his LEGO collection *

* how important it is to stay away from Chinese pirates (???)  *

One day I pray God uses those cute lips to sing His praise, tell His story, and encourage others.  But right now, I just need to find a possible mute button.

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