Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Person

Morning Person
by Vassar Miller

God, best at making in the morning, tossed
stars and planets, singing and dancing, rolled
Saturn's rings spinning and humming, twirled the earth
so hard it coughed and spat the moon up, brilliant
bubble floating around it for good, stretched holy
hands till birds in nervous sparks flew forth from
them and beasts--lizards, big and little, apes,
lions, elephants, dogs and cats cavorting,
tumbling over themselves, dizzy with joy when
God made us in the morning too, both man
and woman, leaving Adam no time for
sleep so nimbly was Eve bouncing out of
his side till as night came everything and
everybody, growing tired, declined, sat
down in one soft descended Hallelujah.

I have read this poem several times...each time it fills me with wonder and light.  I love the creative, imaginative, hilarious heart of God.  It's inspiring and leaves me dumbstruck.

There are some ridiculous arguments out there right now about the historical Adam -- who he was, if he existed at all.   Human genome research has caused some evangelicals to look at Genesis with skepticism...and I just shake my head.  We are like children playing with Legos, thinking we've found the answer to the world's problems.  We know nothing.  We haven't begin to know what we're dealing with when it comes to God.  Heaven help us!  As Jon Acuff says, I just hop in my escape pod called "faith like a child" and scoot right out of all the arguing...

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Amen, sista!