Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Favorite Fiction of 2010

I had a friend ask me once, “How do you find all these books?” The only answer to this is that I have my “book antennae” up all the time. I look for books that are recommended in magazines, books in Target and Wal-Mart (since I’m there practically every week) and scope out the new books in the library when I can.

For example, my favorite this year (see the bottom of the list) was just sitting on the “new books” shelf at my local library, and I gave it a go.

Here are the best fiction books I read this year!

Eve by Elissa Elliot – Have you ever wondered what Eve thought in the Garden of Eden? Elliot (a Minneapolis native!) writes from Eve’s perspective in this interesting novel.

The Hungry Season, Two Rivers, Undressing the Moon all by T. Greenwood – One of my favorite new writers I discovered this year. She is a compelling storyteller and her sentences almost read like poetry.

True Colors by Kristen Hannah – Okay, yes, I fell for Kristen Hannah. I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything she’s written now…Picking up one of her books is dangerous because you know it will take over your life for awhile. Is it excellent writing? No. Not really. They are full of cliches and sappy lines. But are they compelling stories? Yes. Always.

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse – Newberry Award Winner! This is a novel for the youngins. I’m thinking 6th graders would love this book. I love it because it’s written in stanza form, so every chapter is basically a poem. If you want a quick read and something to share with your kids – this is it. It’s set during the Dust Bowl, so I felt like I got a history lesson at the same time.

Half-Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls – This is more a combination of memoir and fiction. It’s Walls story of her grandmother. I LOVED Glass Castle, her first book and memoir of her childhood, so I had high hopes for this book, but I wasn’t as thrilled with it.

Keeping the House by Ellen Baker – I have already posted about this book, but it deserves another Yee-Haw! Best book I’d read in a long time, hands-down. Enjoy!

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