Saturday, January 01, 2011

Keep Driving

The road to the cabin

Have you ever noticed that long driveways usually lead to somewhere good? 

I grew up on a farm at the end of a long driveway.  As a kid, I hated having to walk back and forth each day from the bus, but now I realize what "deep thoughts" I had time for on those daily treks. 

 But that was nothing compared to Aaron's family's driveway through the woods in Wisconsin.  On my first visit, I actually got a little nervous, wondering if we'd ever reach his house.  Aaron remembers thinking as a boy, "I feel sorry for people who have to live so close to the road." 

And then there's this one (above) that leads to the cabin where we spent Christmas and New Years with Aaron's family....It's so long, it's actually a road, but no one drives it except those going to the cabin.  But the drive is worth it.  Being hunkered down in the middle of the woods for the holidays, one loses track of time.  Games like Nibs and Balderdash become extremely important.  Watching old movies and eating all day....also very significant....

We made great memories this past week with Aaron's family and all the cousins.  We ache for the presence of Aaron's dad and miss his hands on our shoulders, his sense of humor and spiritual leadership. 
We all ache for Heaven more than ever.

I picture Heaven tonight as being at the end of a long driveway, a breath-taking, soul-satisfying destination at the end of this road we walk on earth.  So many of us make much of the driveway, building monuments and planting ourselves so firmly that we never realize it's just the means to an end. 

So this year, I pray you and I can keep driving, enjoying the view and loving fellow travelers, but remembering our final destination may be just past those trees, just beyond this turn.


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I loved this. Thank you.

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