Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Conversation from Christmas

As I watched the kids at the counter, I couldn't help but imagine all the "conversations" going on.  Here was my observation one day:

 Mary Lou (3 years old):  Hope, this combination princess lip gloss/cell phone is so amazing.  I wish I had one of these!  With this ravishing red hair, it's so hard to find lip colors for my complexion. 

 Hope (2 1/2 years old):  I know!  I have the hardest time finding a color that doesn't clash with my hazel eyes.  Maybe we should just try on ALL the colors and see which ones look best. 
What do you think?

Jule (1 1/2):  Aunt Jeannie, I'm glad I'm a boy.

 Mary Lou:  Hope, these lip glosses will change our lives!

Could someone pass me my sippy cup?


Anonymous said...

Priceless! Thanks for sharing.

Jocelyn said...

You definitely got those comments right!