Monday, January 10, 2011

My friend, Ellen ;)

I recently sent a message to Ellen Baker, author of Keeping the House.  Sometimes I just have to tell an author how much I loved her book.  I know, I'm weird. 
I was so excited to get a response from her today and I thought I'd share a bit of it with you....

....It's interesting that your husband grew up near Superior, and I'm glad that my book brought that time and place to life for you. (The next one should do so even more -- it centers on a family living on a farm in northern Wisconsin and working at a shipyard in Superior during WWII.)

Check out her website (click on her name in the first paragraph) to read more about her next book, coming out this August!

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Christina said...

I can't wait for her new book,especially since I'm from Northern WI, and both my grandpa and dad worked at Frasier Shipyards in Superior. How cool is that! :) Thanks for sharing Jeannie. -Christina