Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol - Trivial Pursuit

I couldn't believe Jamar was let go last week, but I'm sure it's only the first of many moments of ARGH with this season of AI.

I knew I liked these guys. Danny and Jamar from American Idol work with Faith Builders International. Go to this website, and then click on this picture:

Thanks to Angie's Facebook Wall for the info!!!


Rachel said...

I told Seth that if Tatiana made it into the top 12 before Danny did, I was going to quit watching Idol!

Lucky for me, (and Danny) America sent that Drama Queen packing!

Holly said...

As I was watching the top 12 episode they showed Jamar watching in the audience while one of the girls was crucifying her song...I could just hear him thinking "these judges are just kicking themselves right now for not putting me through...". Jason and I swore we wouldn't watch the show anymore after they didn't put him through...but of course, we are..