Monday, February 23, 2009

I believe the phrase is, "Tooting your own horn"

...which I try not to do on a regular basis, but I thought I'd put a small commercial on my blog for my Creative Memories business. You can click here to see my website and check out what I offer.

No, it's not just scrapbooking, and frankly, I'm starting to hate that word. I just make albums: pictures, journaling, and maybe paper and stickers. If you'd rather move a mouse than a pair of scissors, check out the DIGITAL line, where you can make a photobook all online.

Ordering online is a cinch and it's delivered to your door in just a couple days. Enjoy!

P.S. Did anybody catch the flick, "New in Town"? How funny was that movie?!?! "Are ya a scrapper?"


Rachel said...

J, you can toot all day if you'd like!

I NEED to see that movie!!

Ali J Boutique Blog said...

New In Town... HILL-AIR-EEE-US!!!! Not to mention, I watched it with my mom...the queen of, "yaw sher yewe betcha..."