Sunday, August 17, 2008

Appropriate Love

Had to share a funny story from today...

I sang in a worship musical this morning at church called "The Journey." It included members of the rotating worship teams, an orchestra, and different visuals depicting the Old Testament Tabernacle and how God instructed His people to worship.

I happened to be standing by Rob, one of the elders of our church. He is 60+ (I'm guessing...), but he has a young spirit and is always ready to laugh -- full of joy, this guy. He's always a great encourager, but today his words just made me bust out laughing.

After singing a solo on "Revelation Song", I took my place back in the worship ensemble and Rob put his arm around my shoulder. He gave me a squeeze as he said,

"In a very appropriate way, Jeannie, I love you!!"

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