Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shock and Awe

I've been lying awake, thinking of what to write in this post about the saga of Brett Favre. I'm losing sleep over this, Brett, thanks a lot!!

Donald Driver (Aaron and I met him in the Houston airport!) Favre, and Greg Jennings from last year - ah, the good (not so old) days

Favre has put Packer fans on an emotional roller coaster and it's come to a screeching, mind-blowing halt with his official trade to the New York Jets. I heard about it this morning, and just felt sick.

When I saw him holding up his Jets jersey on TV, I was like the kid on Home Alone: AHHHHH!!!! Does he realize what he's doing to us??

He's admitted that mistakes were made by both sides. The Packers are definitely at fault, but the truth is that Brett made mistakes, too. I wish things could be different, but it's done. Reggie White is turning over in his grave...

Aaron still remembers Favre's first game 16 years ago -- it feels like a stab in the heart to see him in another jersey. But it's just a game and life goes on. Aaron predicts there will be a ton of Favre's Jets Jerseys in Lambeau this year. I agree!

And as for Aaron Rodgers, the poor kid, we'll see what kind of season he has. If anyone had something to prove, it's this guy. Can you imagine the pressure? I have to say, though, that his attitude and lack of trash talk through this entire debacle has increased my respect for him.

As for me, for my own mental health, I think I'll start watching the Golf Channel.


Ashley M said...


I've been thinking about you and how hard this must be for you. I was going to call, but I wasn't sure if you had heard and I didn't want to be the one to tell you. Sorry about your despair and I hope you can recover nicely. Meanwhile, do watch the gold channel :)

Rachel said...

Seth plans to buy a Favre Jets jersey to wear to the Packers/Lions game on Dec. 28, with a sign that says "We miss you Brett".

mordy said...

this is what i thought about it...

what if it were you, what if...what if you decided to hang up your vocal cords, that your throat hurt and you missed your family and you had microphone elbow or something. but then you talked with your singing friends, and you saw all of them preparing for the worship team, and you found yourself practicing some harmonies with like some high school choir and you thought, what the heck did i do?? i love singing! why did i give it up?!? i must have been out of my head!! isn't the love of singing greater than the love for the people you sing with? i mean, ya know? that's PASSION for the game, and i find it refreshing to see someone that has passion for something.

i feel bad for everybody; for loyal packer fans, for him, probably for aaron rodgers more than anyone else, although now that i think about it deanna probably wins that contest.

it's been interesting.

fetzer said...

Sorry for your loss. It is something how we get emotionally connected to people we don't even know.

Personally I have never been a big favre fan but the Packers blew it big time on this one. Rodgers might be ok but they should have let Favre come back and be the starter.

Jon said...

The Packers did nothing wrong. The guy backed out of his contract by retiring. Where's his loyalty to the team and fans that paid his big 'ol inflated salary over the years?

The Jets may sell a few more tickets and more merchandise this season, but this guy won't help them improve.

I'm not a Packers fan, but I think this guy should have honored his contract.