Monday, August 25, 2008


I'd like to give a "YEE-HA" to Real Simple magazine. There's nothing better than finding that thick publication sitting pretty in my mailbox.

Recently, they've had this little blip about what one random reader would do with $100 in her pocket and a day to herself.

I thought this would be fun, so here goes.

What I would do in my small town Minnesota life with one day and $100...
(this is assuming I have a full tank of gas and no children in tow)

$15 - itunes for new songs to listen to during the day

Drive to Willmar and hang out in Target for at least an hour, not buying, just browsing...

$3.75 - Strawberry Pink Freeze from Dunn Bros. Coffee (I can't decide if this is a smoothie or a milkshake, and I'm afraid to ask. It's just yummy.)

Drive to St. Cloud...alone...bliss....

$25 - $30 to spend in Barnes and Noble in St. Cloud. I will also be spending at least 2 hours browsing in this store, thank you.

$10 - Panera Bread for lunch: Chicken Salad sandwhich, Broccoli Cheddar Soup or Chicken Wild Rice, whichever day it is.

$4 - Cold Stone Creamery. 'Nuff said.

$35 - Old Navy. Slow shopping. Trying on stuff, taking my time. They play cool music in there.

Oh bummer, I think I'm over my spending limit. I really wanted to have enough to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Anyway, there it is.

Your turn!


Rachel said...

Hmm...I'm not even sure I would need $100. I'd be happy just to have a day to myself! First, I would sleep in until whenever it is that my body awakes. (I don't even know when that is anymore) Then, I'd enjoy the cbs morning show (assuming my body won't let me sleep past nine) and a cup of some sort of warm liquid-imagine that! No Disney Channel! Then, I would take a long bath with bubbles and adult music. And the door to the bathroom would be closed, thank you. This would probably bring me to lunch time, where I would enjoy Clam Chowder and grilled bread. I would spend the afternoon in St. Cloud, shopping CLEARANCE, because I'd have time to look (I HATE buying full price) and top off the evening with a salad from Olive Garden. (And of course, their breadsticks and alfredo dipping sauce) And I wouldn't have to pour any milk or cut up anyone's food.

I'd go to bed early and read...I don't know what, but I'd be happy with anything without pictures, just to remind myself that I remember how.

Anonymous said...

I would put the $100 in the bank to save for a ticket to come see you and my grandchildren!! I am hurting right now because it has been two months since I have seen their little faces smiling at ME!
This just ain't right I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Have to say a massage and a good book, maybe a lazy run! Oh yeah, Deidre's for sustenance and browsing Target and buying chocolate and red vines-yum. Oh, you got me is stating soon, will I have a day like this in the midst of this remodel? We shall find out SOON enough!
I would also like to sip a good cup of joe with my sisters! guess who?