Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Uncle Chris is...thirtysomething

KK is back from her missions trip to Haiti and she bought this sling that usually women carry their babies in. Hope seemed to like it just fine!
The tradtional sister shot, taken by Greg. No, those aren't spikes coming out of my head, just a picture on the wall...
MaryLou and KK enjoying blueberry pie

It's difficult to put candles in a pie, so he blew the candles out on our centerpiece, with help from Susie
My brown-eyed beauties, KK and Jonny
Lu and Aunt Jeannie
Aaron said, "Here's a blog picture." Totally!


Holly said...

love the sling and the new pics!

Rachel said...

How I wish I had a sling like that when my babies were little...