Thursday, October 25, 2007

who they are

Sometimes I have a hard time breathing when I think about these three souls. Everyday I wake up and I'm a Mom and I'm the only Mom they'll ever know and that's just about as scary and wonderful as anything I could ever imagine. The intensity and powerful personality of my first-born...exhausting, but thrilling...
D, with his laid-back nature, can sometimes be accidently forgotten, unfortunately. I hate that so much. I want to give him exactly what he needs, which right now, seems to be a lot of affection and simply being listened to. He is energized by solitude and one-on-one time, which of course, is the opposite of his older brother.
And this precious face, who has decided this week that being 2 means being THE BOSS of the world...He seems to take life as it comes and loves being with the guys. So far, he has the best sense of humor at this age than the other two. Can you blame him? How will he change or stay the same once he's no longer the baby? Thank goodness I still have 5 months to go and get ready for another personality, another color in the rainbow.


Rachel said...

Rainbows have seven colors, right? At 3.5, you're halfway there!!

Ashley M said...

Sweet boys! Thanks for sharing such precious things about these little men!

Can you please move to PA? We can get the best pizza and sit on the roof in lawn chairs...come on!

love ya.