Thursday, June 21, 2007

the rest of the story

Alright, we made it to Thursday!

The craft time has really gone pretty good, even the plaster of paris situation. I never realized how GOOPY that stuff has to be. It was a real learning experience.

Today was Sand Art, which I highly recommend. Everybody loved that.

I'm getting really good at Simon Says and entertaining the kiddos when there's 5-10 minutes left of craft time and they're already done. Sometimes it's not even Simon Says, but just yelling out things like, "Everybody line up against the wall and stand on one leg!" "Now show me your silliest face!"


Susan said...

Good for you for sticking with it and with a good attitude! I always try and remind myself that often at VBS's there are so many kids who only see Christ during that week in their sad little lives! What a privledge when you think about it that way! Maybe someday a little girl or boy will say.." I remember a lady from my VBS, she was so nice and she was awesome at Sand Art!:)

Sue Simpson

Janine said...

woohoo! Plaster of paris is pretty brave for a non-crafty gal. :-) I am glad the week is going well.

Holly said...

HA!!!!!!!! We truly are sisters. My loathing of the word "CRAFT" is well established. My mother has gladly taken over that job with Emmy for the mere fact I turn into a nervous mess if she even mentions the word "bead..." So all that to say- I think you're Superwoman!!!