Monday, April 30, 2007

Why Does This Child Have a Pink Beard?

Oh, the challenges we Mamas face before 8am...

There are moments when you just want to savor something delicious. I think Jonathan really does like yogurt, but he simply can't restrain himself with a spoon when it comes to that thick, pink texture of Dora the Explorer yogurt. He must touch it, squish it, paint the chair and himself with it.

Well, fine, I guess we'll have an early bath today. Pink goes well with Tractor jammies, don't you think?


Jen said...

reminds me of my Roo...shes 2.5 and still is the messiest eater in town...shes the only kid I know who can have a mess face after crackers. priceless-great pics

Ashley M said...


lovin the pics of Johnny...he's getting HUGE! Let's get together soon, eh? Also, I like the new pic on top of your blog, very refreshing :)

love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was just talking with someone at work today about yogurt-

He can't get his son to eat I suggested freezing "Go Gurts" and eating them that way...MUCH CLEANER!!

See you tonight!

(I'm only annonymous 'cuz Blogger won't log me on as myself ;)

Carrie said...

How cute! It's always a cuter picture when it wasn't your kid that you had to clean up!!! Jonah and Lauren LOVE Dora and Diego yogurt too....Dora for Lauren, Diego for Jonah (Jonah likes things that belong to him only, although when Diego is gone he's "allowed" to eat Dora yogurt then!!!) I remember when Jonah was around Jonathan's age and he got into the butter!!!! He still talks about it (we have a picture of it) and just the other day said, can I make a mess with butter again?? Uhmmm, let me think about that...uh, no! Love ya!