Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This was taken last year when Chris and Syna and the cousins came to visit. We can't wait to be closer to them! Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our impending move...

1. What are the official moving dates?

Aaron's last day at Coca-Cola is Friday, March 17. We then finish up the packing and cleaning in order to move on Wednesday, March 23. A moving company is loading up our stuff and taking it up to Minnesota.

2. When is Aaron's first day of work and what is he doing again?

April 4th - I think that's a Monday. He will be the Supply Manager for Superior Steel. I don't know exactly how you would describe what he does, so I'm just not going to attempt to describe it. It's been a long day. I can tell you that Superior Steel is a large, thriving company with only about 6 employees in a 300 sq. ft. office in Spicer, MN. Chris Reid, Aaron's older brother, started the company only a few years ago, and it's been awesome to watch God's hand on it. Aaron will actually be working more directly with Steve Wood, the financial guru of Superior Steel. (Ha, he'd like that description.) Steve attended IWU around the same time as we did. So, half of Superior Steel is made up now of IWU grads. Somewhere, an IWU business professor is smiling.

3. Where will you live?

Chris and Syna (my brother- and sister-in-law) just moved to a different house in Spicer, leaving their previous home open for us to conveniently move into. We will live there until we decide if we want to buy that house, build a house, whatever. It's been such a relief to not have to worry about housing up there. It's what I call "boy heaven" because it's right on the lake with lots of room to explore. You can bet I'll be posting pics on my blog once we're there.

4. What church will you attend?

Good question. I have no idea. We are praying about that and hoping that our search will not take long.

5. How big is Spicer?

About half the size of my current subdivision - or less! True! Spicer is only a few thousand, while Willmar, right up the street, has about 15,000 if I remember correctly. We are around 40 miles from St. Cloud. Definitely back to Small Town, USA. Greg and Jocelyn, Aaron's parents, are 3 hours north in Wisconsin.

6.Has your house had any offers?

No, not one. Please keep praying on this.

7. Are the kids excited?

Well, every time we say we are going for any kind of drive, Daniel and Greg both ask, "Are we going to Minnesota?" Greg is definitely excited to be closer to his cousins and to be able to go fishing more often. He remembers fishing a lot there last year. I think he'll really miss his friends here, though. Church and Preschool have provided a lot of new friends he loves being around.

8. Are you and Aaron excited?

We are looking forward to being closer to our family, yes. We are not looking forward to leaving a fabulous church with the friends who have become our family. We are not looking forward to leaving a small group we just started attending and really love. But we can honestly say we are looking forward to what God has in store. Every time we have left something, he has provided more than we could ask for in the next place. Just when we think God can't top Himself, He does. We embrace His will, even though sometimes it's painful.


emily v said...

Some great reminders for me today my friend. The journey is quite the adventure, eh? (get that "eh" thing down...I think it'll come in handy up there :). Love you lots.

PS) WHAT in the world was going on with LOST last night. Holy moly.
More soon

The Worship Guy said...

This is a great front Jeannie...I think you've got everyone believing that you're really moving. Not this guy.

Holly said...

I don't know Myrna, maybe we should gang up on Emily and force her to start her own blog??? Eh? Thanks for keeping us updated. Love you.

mordy said...

name that quote:
'ocean breeze soap....
for people who don't want to stink!'