Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just a few useless facts...

Warning - Random Stuff Ahead:

If there was only one store on the planet I could shop in for the rest of my life, it would be my local SuperTarget. Clean, organized, friendly - just a brilliant place.

I am hopelessly addicted to LOST, Coke Zero, blogging, Chick-Fil-A, Old Navy t-shirts, Creative Memories, and Orbit gum. (Blue or green package, doesn't matter)

We sang "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and The News at my 6th grade graduation and I had a solo that went, "They say that all in love is fair....yeah, but you don't care....but you'll know what to do, when it gets hold of you...and with a little help from above, you'll feel the pooooowwwwwer of love."

My friend and I used to make prank phone calls from the phone in our old barn at home. Sorry, Dad.

Sometimes I rock out to Kelly Clarkson on the radio.

I took my two oldest boys to see "Curious George" last weekend and enjoyed it just as much (or more) than they did. ("Give me a hug, ya little fur ball!")

The pacifier was an ingenius invention.

I haven't ridden a roller coaster since 2000. I'm way overdue.


mordy said...

i love target, but i spend too much money there. don't you think the one on west main smells funny?

i am addicted to my computer (i was actually relieved to be without one for about 36 hours, but i ended up having to use one anyway to help a friend in need.), to sleep, to chocolate, to joe, to big sloppy clothes, and to post its.

'the power of love' makes me think of michael j. fox's super cool jacket vest thing that i totally wanted my winter coat to look like that year. i was unable to dance in the school play with the rest of my 6th grade class because i had that thing where the bone under your knee is brittle and on the verge of shattering. i was pretty depressed.

jennifer and i were laughing so hard when we pranked the grocery store to ask if they had pig's feet that we couldn't even deliver the punchline.

i know you're dying to know the punchline.

you really wanna know, don't you.

don't you.

you know you do.

kelly clarkson??
kelly clarkson.
i like that 'shake it like a polaroid picture' song.

have you seen jack johnson's curious george sing-a-long cd? looks like fun. comes with a coloring book.

sure, the paci is nice, but i like those puddings they used to tie to babies' heads.

do you consider the iron dragon a roller coaster? i would like to have that in my backyard. wouldn't it be relaxing, sliding through the mist from the fountain on a warm, sunny day?

Holly said...

"Sometimes I rock out to Kelly Clarkson on the radio." I do it so often my daughter knows every word to Breakaway, Since U Been Gone and Behind Those Hazel Eyes. It's really embarassing!

The Worship Guy said...

There's nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to Kelly Clarkson...that girl can sing. She's always cranked in my office...sandwiched with the Soundtrack to Rent and Johnny Cash.

Angele said...

My hubby likes Kelly Clarkson and even bought her album on itunes a few weeks ago...this from a die hard Dave Matthews Band fan...she's not usually into chick rock or chick music of any kind. He loves American Idol too.

Love and miss Target...we are Targetless in Canada:(

I'm addicted to email, blogging, self-reflection, working out, and collecting air miles (new blog on that coming soon).

I wanna know the punchline to the pigs feet thing!!!

Angele said...

oops, that should say "He's not usually into chick rock" my man's not a cross-dresser, hermaphrodite, or gender confused. Sorry honey!