Friday, October 21, 2005

Jesus and Jamba Juice

Today Crossbridge asked the entire church body to fast and pray for the maturity, mission, unity, and future of our church. Tonight we will break the fast with communion at Selah - a worship event we have about once a quarter (think Around His Throne, Kalamazoo Wesleyans!)

It's 3pm and I'm hangin' in there. It's been a busy day, but I had some quiet time this morning before the boys woke up to pray and focus on what this day should be about. The biggest frustration was that this morning was MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) where my small group was hosting. This meant we were in charge of the food, and man, there was never a more beautiful looking table of food. Kathleen (friend from church) and I hung out with our Diet Cokes and stuck together for support.

After MOPS, we piled our kids in our respective vans and headed to Jamba Juice - a sweet little joint for smoothies. (We're both nursing, c'mon!!) She talked me into getting a shot of wheat grass. This little cup of sunshine is supposed to detoxify your blood and give you all the veggies you need for one day. So now I know what it tastes like to lick off the the lawnmower blades. Good thing they gave me a "chaser" of apple juice afterwards.

I quickly ordered my smoothie (Strawberry Surf Rider, dude) with a shot of energy boost. Aahh, that's better. It wasn't until after I got in the car for the drive home that I actually read my cup and had a little talk with Jesus. On the side it read "Jambaism #5 - Your body is a temple. Littering is strictly prohibited."

Wham. I needed that. Not just about the food I put into my body, but what comes into my mind and heart in general. Since I know the Holy Spirit lives in me, and I know Jesus has made his home here, I should be on high alert 24/7 about food, entertainment, thoughts, whatever I take into my body. I mean, how many times have I eaten junk just because it was fun? How many times have I flipped meaninglessly through TV channels and settled on something that should've been thrown down my garbage disposal? I think that's really what holiness might be about. Loving Jesus enough to keep his home clean and trash-free.

I love how unpredictable Jesus is. He talks to us in the strangest ways, sometimes. I got it, Lord. Thank you. Hmm...I suddenly have a hankering to go clean my lawnmower...


Beth W. said...

Hope your service went well tonight. Were you able to belt it out going on nothing but Jamba Juice? God certainly does speak to us in unexpected ways, doesn't He? Maybe He does it that way so we can't help but listen.

ev said...

I love you girl. And never did I know anyone so perfect to drink Jamba Juice as you :) Viva Vaughn.

Tony Myles said...

I dig this insight... especially since I am an avid smoothie drinker, too. Sounds like you're paying attention to God's voice in unlikely places... which is the way it's supposed to be.

Katie's asleep, but I'm sure she'd say "HI!" if she were close by. So count that one in advance.

Hope all is well...