Friday, October 14, 2005

The Beginning of the End

My oldest son starts preschool next week, Lord willing. Am I ready for this? Oh, yeah!! Well, I guess so. I mean, I know he'll love it; I know he needs it -- Lord knows I need it. But this just seems like the first of many let-go-and-let-God-moments...and I get a little lump in my throat just writing that.

Gregory is almost 4 and 1/2, and sometimes I think I waited too long on the preschool thing, but I'd rather have him go later as opposed to earlier. I hope he loves it. I'm looking forward to having some moments to focus on Daniel and Jonathan.

-Sigh- And so it begins...backpacks and lunch boxes, papers and carpools. I pray I can enjoy and BE in each season as it comes.

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Angele said...

Funny, I was thinking about pre-school for my 3-year-old recently when another mom of a three-year-old said she'd enrolled her daughter. I guess I'm not ready for that. I might be if I hadn't had Olivia in daycare full-time when I was working. I've only had her home with me since the end of March and I'm not ready to let her go, although I know she'd love it. She loved her last daycare and called it school:)