Saturday, September 17, 2005

What I've Been Reading

I always have my radar on when it comes to books - I love to get my hands on the new stuff and then grab a pen or highlighter, and underline or make notes to my heart's delight. I have to mention a few books that have lately been too good to keep to myself.

Grace-Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel
A good friend in the trenches of parenting recommended this book. I initially thought the title sounded a bit soft, but as I've been reading, I realized I have a skewed view of grace to begin with. What I mean by that is I gladly welcome the grace given to ME, but have a hard time giving it out. Dr. Kimmel writes, "Grace does not exclude obedience, respect, boundaries, or discipline, but it does determine the climate in which these important parts of parenting are carried out." This book was a breath of fresh air and written in a relaxed, conversational tone.

Heaven by Randy Alcorn
If you've never read any of Alcorn's Christian fiction, I must encourage you to read those also! Deadline, Dominion, and Edge of Eternity are some of my favorites. His fictional (but based on scripture) accounts of Heaven were so amazing, that I was thrilled when his non-fiction book about Heaven came out. In the preface, Alcorn says, "The truth is, in our seminaries, churches, and families, we have given amazingly little attention to the place where we will live forever with Christ and his people - the New Earth, in the new universe. This eternal Heaven is the central subject of this book. It's a subject I've found to be fascinating, thrilling, and life-changing." There is no topic, question, or detail Alcorn does not thoroughly discuss when it comes to Heaven. It's like a huge textbook on Heaven, but much more fun to read because it will expand and improve your current vision of what you think Heaven will be like. It's also a great evangelical tool, explaining at the beginning how to GET to Heaven in the first place. It'd be a great shame to read this book and not get there!


mordy said...

hey, girl.
yesterday i started watership down, which i haven't read in ages, and legacy of sovereign grace, i think it's called, the first in piper's series on old religious guys. good stuff.

Angele said...

Hi, there. I'm a friend of Josh and Melissa Howard. Your blogs listed on Josh's blog and I just thought I'd check it out for fun.

I too am reading Grace Based Parenting; I heard Tim Kimmel speak on a radio show months ago and wrote his name and the book's title down but didn't do anything for awhile. We recently moved out of the country and with all the changes and stress, my three-year old was needing (and not getting) much grace from me. So I picked up the book and it's been a great help. Nice to hear someone else thinks so too!

I usually read three or four books at the same time and haven't finished Grace Based or my other two yet. I'm also reading The Five Love Languages of Children (can't remember the author) and Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. This last one is a marriage book and it's fantastic!

Heidi said...

Get outta there quick, my friend, and keep us updated on your whereabouts! Godspeed. And may God keep your earthly home in one piece too.

Love, Heidi