Friday, September 23, 2005

Running from Rita 9/23/05

I am here in Dallas, Texas - Flower Mound, to be exact. Aaron's cousin, Bob Johstone and his family have lived here for 8 years. Little did we know we'd be getting together under these kinds of circumstances, but we're glad they have been so welcoming. He and Kelly have three children, Matthew (9), Rebecca (7) and Melissa (6).

Our trip was really as best as it could've been now that I've been seeing the coverage on TV. God is taking care of us and we'll just wait until it's safe to go back.

I'll write soon when I have more time.


Josh said...

Aaron and Jeannie:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you in this difficult time.

We are glad to hear that your family is safe and you are out of harm's way.

I'll try to have Melissa call you sometime over the weekend. We love you guys!

-Josh, Melissa, and Emily

Heidi said...

I thought of your family everytime I saw the pictures of the traffic all piled up... so glad you're finally in Dallas. If you want to come north a little more, Chicago is sure pretty this time of year! :)

Love, Heidi

mordy said...

thanks for the updates, GLAD to hear you're alright. my friend isere and her two little boys are at a baptist church sheltering people outside of dallas. her husband is in AFRICA. how much does that stink. so glad everything worked out for your mamma, and i'll bet she was way happier to be with you than sitting in ohio watching it on the news.