Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inspiration in a Cave

You need to know Amanda and Abner. They are the married duo that make JOHNNYSWIM.

I know, what kind of a name for a band is JOHNNYSWIM? There are several stories online to suggest where the name came from, but I don't know if I believe any of them. It doesn't matter in the end, anyway. They could be called DUCT TAPE DISCO and I would still love this music.(Quick, someone take that band name. That's gold.)

I heard about them through Brady Toops, who posted much praise after one of their concerts. I took a listen on iTunes and grabbed the little EP "Heart Beats" right away. (Yes, you need this. Now.)

How can you not love a couple who love Jesus and can play/sing like this?! I think one of my favorite parts is her swaying in joy at the beginning. :)

This video is from the Bluegrass Underground - a sweet venue in the Cumberland Caverns of Tennessee. How beautiful is that?

I'm giving you a heads-up because new music - Diamonds - comes out on April 29th. Do yourself a favor and pre-order on iTunes to get the songs "Diamonds" and "Home."

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

it's me, connie. i'm in a hurry so i don't want to sign in. i'd rather leave an anonymous comment and write a million word explanation, to save time, of course.

Jeannie said...

Thank you, Connie! You make me happy.