Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Does One "Teach" Worship?

This is the first year we have had a class called "Worship Band" at the marvelous school where I teach.
When we first started talking about this class, we weren't completely sure what it would look like or what our goals were. It was clear that we wanted students to grow musically and spiritually. But how would that happen?
We introduced them to new artists like Dustin Kensrue and Gungor. We gave them books like Worship Matters by Bob Kaufflin. We prayed. We brought in guest speakers who have been leading worship for years.
It's never been perfect, but beautiful things have happened. We have talked about what it means to enjoy the presence of God. We have laughed, gotten frustrated, surprised each other, and laughed again.
When we stand together and worship the Lord, there is a spirit of joy and freedom that only comes from the moving of the Spirit. We have found beautiful things rising out of the dust.

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