Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Only Way to Worship Well

Only relaxed people worship well. And we can relax because we are forgiven. God is no longer thundering at us from the top of the mountain. Now He is whispering to us as a lover - a jealous lover to be sure, but still a lover - not a critic. Saints, people who relax in their new purity, love to worship. It's their favorite thing to do.

-The Safest Place on Earth  by Larry Crabb

Relaxed people aren't worried what others around them are doing. They seek to honor Him alone.

Some of the sweetest times of worship have come when I have been alone with the Lord, singing to an audience of One, which is what I should be doing all the time anyway.

May I live this year with less distraction, more focus, more love...relaxing in the love of my Father.

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Brock Eastman said...

Thanks for the super kind words on HowlSage, I'm working hard to find a new publisher for book 2 BlizzardSage. It's done just needs to be edited and released! But again thanks for the kind words!