Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When Good Stories Go Bad

My middle son and I just finished reading A Wrinkle in Time together.  I had never read this children's classic, so I started reading it aloud to the boys.  The blondie was the only one who wanted to hear more. 

 I was hoping to find a new favorite, but I just couldn't get into this fantasy/allegory book.  The writing seems clunky and it's hard to follow the twists and turns of the plot.  My son seemed to really enjoy it, but I was disappointed.

 We then noticed that Netflix had the movie version.  You can guess how much I loved that.  Ugh!  More awkward acting, poor special effects, and goofy lines.

Sometimes a good story simply doesn't effect everyone the same way.  I am sure I can find thousands of people who dearly love Wrinkle in Time and would hate me for saying anything critical about it. 

In the same way, I know a lot of people just LOVE the new Batman movie.  I couldn't get past Anne Hathaway as a dark, evil thief.  I like it better when she's a little nerdy, like in Princess Diaries.

I was really trying to believe it, but I completely gave up at the end where she grabs Batman and kisses him before he completes a final mission.  That was just plain hilarious.

Art is subjective - books, movies - they all move us differently or not at all.  Stories help us grow inside and teach us about ourselves.  But the best stories change us forever.  They make us want to approach strangers and say, "Have you seen this movie?  Have you read this book?!" because great stories demand to be shared.

What books or movies do you hate while everyone else seems to love?


con said...

* twilight (book)
* you've got mail (HATE)
* the last three minutes of sleepless in seattle (apparently i love me some hanks and ryan, but not when they're on the screen at the same time)
* pilgrim's progress (don't tell my dad)

so said...

Jonny mentioned you were reading that book to them. I asked him what he thought of it and his response was, "It's kinda weird. I like 'Cat's in Underpants' waaaay better!

Jeannie said...

Ha, yes, I need to get Cat's In Underpants!

Con, I have tried and tried to like PP, but it drives me nuts, too. Maybe Hanks and Ryan could do a screen version?? :)