Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fried Chicken and Oreos

Sometimes you just have to celebrate life.

I'm a firm believer in parties.

 My Daniel turned 9 this month, so we had to get his favorite fried chicken and these:

 Invite some good buddies...
 Wear silly party hats
 Share the love
 Stick on a fake 'stache
And take pictures of cute babies!

Happy Birthday, D.  You are my blue-eyed baby forever.


Ashley M said...

Oh, D (I mean that in the exact opposite way from the Office way, ever!)...remember when you were little and would tell stories? That was sweet. And remember when you were with me and my car wouldn't start and we were in a scary tow truck together -- just me and you -- and you were terrified. I was too.

But now your big and look just like you dad (still). What a treasure that my first baby was born on your birthday!!!

MJR - um. I miss you greatly. the end.

anne said...

Those are some handsome boys! And where did you find such a cute baby?! I've been wanting one for a loooong time! =)

Jeannie said...

Ha! Ashley, I had completely forgotten about this story! Daniel remembers, though. He's still quite a talker when he has your full attention! :)

Anne! I have to email you more, we are blessed :)