Friday, March 16, 2012

Freestyle Friday 3-16-12

Have you ever made a promise to a child you knew you might not be able to keep?  Guilty!  Maybe that's one of the reasons I love this website -, based on the book by Alice Ozma. 

Alice's father promised to read to her EVERY night for 1,000 nights straight.  From 9 years old to 18 years old, He. Did. It.  Sometimes over the phone, very late, but he did it.  Get the book, check out the website, be inspired.

Have you heard of Jen Hatmaker?  She's a great writer and someone I want to have a Coke with.  Check out her blog and her book trailer.  It's on my list to read next!


Speaking of books, I stumbled onto this website from a friend -  They offer great book reviews of all kid's literature, so you don't have to read everything! :)  (Does that mean I don't have an excuse now?)


And just for fun - this hilarious website from someone "in the trenches" - I love how one of her blog posts was entitled:

Let whatever you do today be enough....

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