Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Lost in a Story

I have committed to writing more this year.  This is always my goal, but it hasn't become a habit.  So I've tried to take more concrete steps to make it happen!

I bought a blank moleskine book with a small page for each day and I basically try to write something on each page, whether it's a small poem, a quote I read and want to remember, but I try to keep it original.  Recently I've been doing these small assignments from a book called Room to Write -- it has a short assignment each day.  And it's helped me stay on track.

The last assignment was to write down a dream you had.  Well, the last dream I could remember was something about walking through a little ski village with shops and bakeries.  It was weird at the time, but I thought, okay, let's see where this goes...  What kind of shop would intrigue me if I were in this ski village?  So a little bit of fiction came out and here's the beginning: 

What was I thinking?  Violet thought as pushed open the doors of the resort where she and a few friends were staying for the weekend.  She took a deep breath, the clean scent of snow and January filling her lungs.  She had agreed to go with some co-workers to this ski resort in the Colorado mountains, even though she'd never skied before.  They convinced her it would be a good "escape" after the disaster of the holidays. (Violet cringed just thinking about New Year's Eve.) 

She didn't have the energy to be with all of them right now, out on the slopes, learning to ski.  She just wanted to be alone, get out of her funk, and maybe eat something amazing.  Since the beginning of the New Year, Violet hadn't exercised or made "good food choices" at all.  Her pants were getting tighter, but she wasn't ready to do anything about that yet.

This environment didn't help.  All these families and couples who seemed to belong to one another.  Who did she belong to?  Who would ever really want her?  Violet pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind as she found herself staring into the windows of a bookstore.  A bell hanging on the door announced her arrival cheerfully as she pulled off her gloves. 

To be continued....


Sue's Thoughts said...

sounds like a book in the making, very interesting start!

Sue's Thoughts said...

sounds like a book in the making to me! great start!