Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go Fish Concert

These guys are really amazing. If you have any kids ages 10 and under in your house, begin developing a library of Go Fish CDs and DVDs.

Seriously, kids' music can be so lame, and I love Bob and Larry as much as the next guy, but a girl can only take so much.

That's why this Bible-lovin' group gets lots of air play in our house.

YouTube Video

We discovered Go Fish a few years ago. I went to a Hearts at Home conference and they were the musical guests. I knew my kids would love them, so I came home with the CD 'Snazzy' and created little Go Fish freaks, which was fine with me - especially when they're singing the Ten Commandment Boogie.

Before the concert they threw out huge beach balls - it's a mini-mosh pit!

YouTube Video

They went into the crowd for awhile, which is really brave and I imagine, a little dangerous, with all those ankle biters.

Playing with our light sticks!

Jonny gets a high-five from Jason!

YouTube Video

We loved these steam-shooters - is this Go Fish or AC/DC?

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Holly said...

I haven't listened to GoFish in years...may have to check them out again.