Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pixar Makes Me Happy

Last weekend I took the boys to Cars 2. I gladly support pretty much anything Pixar does.

I was in the camp of "eh, it was okay." I prefer the quiet, more simple films like Up and Wall-E. By the end of Cars 2, I felt like having a couple Advil. It's a breath-taking spin around the globe with Mater and McQueen. But still a good time.

If you want to read a great interview with Jon Lasseter (Pixar genius) that is here.  Did you know he is the father of 5 boys?!  I knew I liked that guy.

He also talks a little about the next Pixar movie coming out next summer with the First. Ever. Female. Lead.  I guess I hadn't realized Pixar had never done a movie with a girl as the lead character!  Interesting...Enjoy the sneak peek!


con said...

and she's a ginger! :D

Jeannie said...

Yes! Loved that....