Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breakfast Conversations

Jonny (3 days from 6 years old):  Did you and Daddy fall in love?

Me:  Yes!  We sure did.

Jonny:  Were you 25?

Me:  No, we were 19.  (Gulp.  Babies.)

Jonny:  But how did you fall in love with Daddy?

Hope (3 years old):  You fell, Mama??

Me:  Yes, I fell right on Daddy!  But he caught me!  (Hope smiling with waffle in her cheeks.)

Jonny:  How did you fall in love, Mama?  (Children are so persistent.)

Me:  Well, I turned around one day when he said my name, and I looked into his big blue eyes and fell in love right there.  (Carmin Hall, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion Indiana, 1993 :)

Jonny:  That's funny!  

Me:  Yup, it's pretty funny.  And wonderful.

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