Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This & That

Hey Y'all!

My big D turned 8 years old yesterday, officially kicking me into a reality check of how fast my kids are growing.  In just a few days, baby girl will be 3 and that breaks my heart just a wee little bit.

I had to cover my mouth yesterday when in the middle of picking up the living room (which D did NOT want to do) he mutters angrily, "This does NOT feel like a happy birthday!!"  But he perked up when we took the whole fam to DQ for dinner and he had his favorite Banana Split Blizzard.  He must take after his Grandma L!

Speaking of Grandma, we are currently loving these DVDs she sent for Aaron's bday:

Sarah Palin's Alaska Season One on TLC

It's the next best thing to going to Alaska yourself and hanging out with Sarah.  The kids love it, too, and we've decided we have to start saving for a big Alaska family trip sometime.  (Maybe by the time the kids are all in college?!?)

Today I filled out an NCAA bracket for the first time.  It was a little overwhelming, so I called my little brother, who gave me a couple hints.  The easiest part was picking the winner....hmmmm and who would that be you ask?

The greatest buckeye fans on earth!


Erin said...

Alaska!! Will and I have talked about taking a trip there. Just something cool about a state that is unlike any other.... Hey, you could go visit Adam (Commissaris) and his family. They relocated a year or so ago to Alaska and love it. :)

Well, if they are still up there in a decade :)

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of the "Diebs"
Hope he can pop the threes for the next 6 games!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Bucks! O-H-I-O

Christina said...

we loved the whole season of "Sarah Palin's Alaska". Awesome Woman and AWESOME STATE.