Monday, February 07, 2011

Superbowl XLV - The Memories

Fourteen years ago, I sat in my living room with Aaron in South Haven, Michigan.  We were just a young married couple when the Packers won the Superbowl in 1997.
What a different experience last night!
I think I wanted the Packers to win more for my children than anything else.  They will remember last night forever.  HUGE Thank You to Brother and Sister for a great party!
(And these great pictures!)

 Okay, now everyone make your angry FIGHT face!
 This looks like it was the 3rd quarter, when we were all frustrated...
Little boys

Big Happy Boys

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Susan said... comment my be banned for the first time ever:) GO STEELERS!:)
Both my parents are from Pittsburgh so its only fitting that their offspring would follow suit and cheer the Ol'Steelers on.
Me, not so much of a football fan. I spent the evening with a cup of tea, watching "The Holiday" on TBS! Jeff went to some friends at church with the big kids:)
I did flip it on at the end and watch the crushing loss and I will admit maybe these words came out of my mouth..
"Packer fans are so annoying!"
Sorry..I still love your blog:)
At least I am not my sister, who is a HUGE Steeler fan and has the misfortune of also living in Wisconsin. When they lost, her nine year old daughter actually cried and was refusing to go to school. She feared she wouldn't be able to be a gracious loser!:)
Sorry for the long rant!