Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little Update on the Kiddos

 We'll start with this lovely little girl.  Here she is in Eagle's Nest, having a little snack.  She loves hanging out here in the mornings while Mama teaches. 
Sweet Hope-isms:
 - saying "I Wuv You!!" when I put her to bed
- ecstatic when Daddy comes home
- still loves Strawberry Shortcake and starting to want Barbies
- her idea of bliss in 2 words:  Happy Meal
- wearing size 5T and she's still more than a month away from her third bday
- adept at wrestling with her brothers *sigh*
- meticulous about putting things back in the fridge (mama loves this)
- kisses me sloppily on the mouth when I leave to teach my classes
- calls her brothers "the boys" - example, "Where boys go?" 
- wonderfully feminine for being surrounded by little men :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Jeannie --
I stop in here every once in awhile because I like to hear about your family and your life. Miss you, Girl!! I also wanted to ask you if you have read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Vaskamp (I think that is the right name...) I have been reading her blog (A Holy Experience) for awhile and love her writing. I am only part way through the book, but think you would love it. I have Bittersweet packed to take on a trip next week -- can't wait to read that, too. Love you, Jeannie. Karna

Anonymous said...

I don't even know who this big girl is!! Get in your truck and head for Ohio NOW!

Jeannie said...

Hey Doug!! We're comin We're comin!!

Jeannie said...

Hey Karna!

Yes! That's funny b/c I'm reading that book right now! It's been good -- even with some of those hard sections!

I sure miss you and all the MOPS gals. We'll have to figure out how to get a coffee sometime!

Enjoy Bittersweet - that's a nice break from the deep stuff of A Thousand Gifts :)

Love you