Friday, April 16, 2010

further proof that i'm just plain weird

I've downloaded some music lately and thought I'd tell you about it. It's an eclectic mix, but I'm just an eclectic kind of gal...

First of all, I never thought I'd be purchasing "Beauty Will Rise" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Especially after hearing the first single on the radio, "Heaven is the Face", I thought, my goodness, that would be an incredibly depressing album. But here's the thing - it's really full of hope and promise and HEAVEN - which is exactly what I've needed the past few weeks. SCC writes with this raw, honest emotion that causes me to close my eyes and feel like he could read my mind with certain lyrics. It's been a set of songs I've turned to again and again.

Now, on another subject entirely, I have a hard time finding good songs to work out to. Anybody feelin' me? You want rock/hip-hop/funk, something with that beat, you know, the one that keeps one foot running in front of the other? And frankly, after about 5-10 plays, those songs get old and you need fresh tunes for fresh motivation.

May I introduce you to Group 1 Crew? Every time I hear a new song I like on The Refuge (one of our local Christian radio stations) it's from Group 1 Crew. They are a little mix of Black Eyed Peas or The Fugees or Beyonce, except with much better lyrics :) Try out songs like "Let it Roll" "Movin'" or "Clap Yo Hands" and just try and sit still. Impossible.

And then you can thank me later for keeping you in your running shoes.

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Beth Wilmot said...

You think we needed proof? :) Love ya!