Friday, March 26, 2010

We Loved Him

Our dear Poppy passed away this week and we are changed as a family forever. He loved the Lord, his family. He loved The Truth.
I just want to post a few pictures today, with apologies because he hated having his picture taken and avoided the camera quite well.

This was Thanksgiving 2009, hanging out with some of the grandchildren. I can't help but be overwhelmed as I look at this picture - which is still missing 4 grandchildren - of what a legacy he's left them, how their lives will forever be changed by this.

See? Obviously not happy to have a camera pointed at him.

Getting a squeeze from Jonny at his birthday party. I'll miss those hands, that hug.

Another legacy - his pizza. The brothers had finally learned the trick of the trade, but he remains the master. Always.
He left us so much love, so many amazing memories. He lived each day to the fullest, remembering what was really important. I'm so thankful I knew him.


Rachel said...

Poppy is sorely missed. How is Granny holding up?

farmer64 said...

Than you for sharing those pictures.

lori lynch said...

It's wonderful to have such a strong love and bond with your family. He must have been an amazing father to have such terrific sons! Your precious memories will help him to live on! Our prayers are with your family. We love you!

anne said...

Oh guys...I'm a mess just seeing these! I'm just an "outsider" that was blessed to know him! He will be remembered by many he touched! Ryan will always remember having the privilege of wearing Poppy's hat around Colorado when he was just 2! We can't stop thinking of you guys! And so we pray often!

angie said...

Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful tribute. Jeannie, thanks for sharing this with us!