Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How You Live

As I was driving a couple of days ago, I had to stop and write down the quote I read on a church sign before I forgot it:
"Are you making a living, or making a life?"
This describes my father-in-law so well. His priority was making a life, living a life of truth and love that everyone felt in his presence.Holding Hope in Florida last year as she looks for yet another Oreo.
Lifting Jonny
I've been thinking a lot about Romans 8:28 -
"And we know that in ALL THINGS God works for the GOOD of those who love him..."
And I've been re-evaluating my definition of "good". Good is whatever glorifies God. Good is how the story finally ends when we are done with this earth, these bodies. Good is not whatever keeps my happy little life running smoothly...it's God proving himself faithful over and over and over again.


Ashley M said...

It's a hard way to learn the meaning of truth. I'm glad the Lord is revealing Himself to you, my friend. All for HIS glory. I think He's been preparing you for this for the last year. So much learning, so much praying. I love you.

mordy said...


angie said...

LOVE your definition of good. Mine is similar. I am always saying how "good God is." This is what I mean.