Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Done

Okay, I've got Aaron's trip completely on Flickr now, and you can view the pictures if you click on "areidj photostream" next to my picture with Daniel.

A couple quick stories that I thought were funny:

When he introduced himself, they would pronounce his name "Hhhhair-in" (roll the "r") and had a hard time saying it. Finally, at the last church they visited, he said, "Okay, remember Moses in the Bible? Remember his brother? Aaron?" And they'd all nod and say, "AH! AHHHRAHHHN!" He really wished he'd thought of that the first day they arrived in Kenya.

Also, one man asked him, "You know David Beckham?" (International Soccer Star) Aaron said, well, yeah, not personally. The man responded, "You stand next to David Beckham, no one be able to tell difference. You look just like him!"

Must've been the sunglasses on his head and week-old stubble...

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angie leverence said...

Wow major compliment on the Beckham comment. You must have a hotty on your hands Jeannie! :) I love the stories you should keep em' coming!