Sunday, October 18, 2009

Writing about Writing

How many years have I said, "Gee, I'd like to write more. I'd like to truly become a writer." I'd read books like this, sigh, and then put them on my shelf with all my other writing books. I've always wanted to take a dive into the world of words and creativity.

I try to give myself some grace, realizing that somehow in the next season of my life the dust will settle and...oh, who am I kidding? The dust has settled, and there aren't enough Swiffers in the world to clean it away. This is the only life I have, the only time that will really work. If I want to do something, I NEED TO DO IT.

After a recent trip to Barnes and Noble, I went back to my car and couldn't help but notice the girl in the car next to mine. She was balancing a spiral notebook on her steering wheel, writing. She paused and looked ahead, lips pursed in thought. I suppose she could've been writing her grocery list, or working on a college paper or something, but I doubt it. I like to think she was so inspired by something in B & N that she had to write it down, had to seize it before the moment disappeared.

That's what I need to do. Grab these moments that come my way, whether it's 15 minutes or an hour. Take my day, make it work, and start writing instead of dreaming.


angie leverence said...

Do it do it do it! Sorry I haven't been doing my job! (in encouraging/accountability.)

I still have to send you some chapters from my little story. I'm so vulnerable's hard to let others read something you put together in your head isn't it?

One day I will send.

Erin said...

oh. dear. goodness.

i have this same thought process all the time. this is the spot that i always feel we have an understanding of souls. :)

if anything, i keep telling myself that it will make me self aware....

mordy said...

whoo hoo! do it. napkins, envelopes, kids' elbows...get it down, get it out. i figure it's kinda like taking get 9 million crappy ones and then...pow! there it is. the prize winner. you might write a zillion words, and then it appears, the perfect sentence, the perfect phrase, that says exactly what you wanted to say and maybe you didn't even know you had it inside.

have you seen the prize winner of defiance, ohio, by the way?

and i want to read a book about raising boys, and another about raising kids in general. suggestions?

Emily said...

My songwriter friend wrote my two favorites on a pizza box lid and a drink napkin. Really. Go girl go. Have a good vacay btw. Love you and I still owe you a phone call. Just waiting till you're back so I can hear about all your fun!!!