Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back from the Border

Every five years, Aaron and I try to do something fun and different to celebrate our anniversary. We decided to take advantage of off-season rates and hit Mexico this year. I'll post more later, but here's some pics for those who can't stand it any longer!
Hotel view

Aaron jumping into...oh, I'll tell you about it later.



mordy said...

i'm sitting here shivering and having a hard time not being jealous of your short-wearingness and sunglasses...but then i remembered that you live in minnesota and it's almost winter...i can't decide whether to feel sorry for you or laugh devilishly and say it serves you right. but i suppose that makes us even steven and i am not jealous. i am happy that you were warm...for a time.

angie leverence said...

Wow! Jealous am I.