Friday, September 25, 2009

Grandma, Creative Memories, and Movies

Hey Ya'll!

Grandma's here from Ohio and we're having a grand time. I keep her up late at night and the kids wake her up early getting ready for school :)

Last night she came with me to a Creative Memories Get Together that one of my friends had. It was great to have her there for moral support and to help carry things in! I've loved getting "back into" (never really left) CM -- there are so many new products that make me smile and motivate me to play with pictures again.

Watched "Dan in Real Life" again the other night and laughed again at the craziness and wonderfulness of family. One of my favorite scenes? "What's your talent, Dan?" and he responds quietly: "Murderer of Love." (after the scene with his love-struck teenage daughter...)

Also loving new music right now....Priscilla Ahn and "Dream" if you need some mellow tunes and "Glory Revealed II" -- an album collection of worship songs with a lot of different artists. I love it's country feel.

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