Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of Summer Catch-Up

Really, I have to apologize for being away for awhile. The main reason is that every time I try to post, there is an 18 mo. old child climbing all over my back, my lap, and slamming the keys. Makes it a little difficult.
So, here are a big load of pictures to show you how we spent Labor Day Weekend. The McBrides came for a visit and we loved every minute of it. Above is Greg, getting up on a wakeboard!

Daddy, surfing behind Uncle Chris' boat.

The boys love playing around with Patrick. He used to wrestle around with Greg and Daniel when we lived in Houston.

Ashley and baby Benjamin
Again, another unsuccessful family photo. I give up.
But this one made my day.


Ashley M said...

I think that your family shot was COMPLETELY successful. Having at least one child looking at the camera is a success. PLUS, it's very telling of where you are in your life. Completely appropriate and if nothing else, you'll look back and laugh and remember all too well the chaos and joy of life right now :)

Beth Wilmot said...

LOVE the picture of you and baby girl!!!