Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freedom and Flip-Flops

Over his Cheerios this morning, Daniel asked me,

"Do we live in a free country, Mom?"

I smiled and said, "Yes, Daniel, we live in a free country." (Daddy might have a few extra comments about that, but nonetheless....)

I added, "We are very thankful we live in America, because some countries aren't free."

"YEAH, Like ALASKA!!" Daniel exclaimed.

I reassured him that Alaska was part of the United States, so although it was far away and pretty cold, it was still free.


We were watching The Prince of Egypt a couple of nights ago, that excellent movie about the life of Moses. Jonathan was riveted during the scene where Moses encounters God through the burning bush. Moses removes his sandals as God tells him he's standing on holy ground.

It's a breathtaking scene of God's power. Moses weeps when he realizes WHO he's just spoken with there in the desert.

The kids were silent and still as they watched Moses turn around to walk back to his flock of sheep. Suddenly, Jonathan sat straight up in my lap, looked at me and asked loudly,



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Lyz said...

I really am actually laughing out loud. Clearly you have been teaching him well to take care of his possessions!

It's these little things that show us we're doing our job...

Deanna L said...

I remember the first time that Grace watched that movie - she was 2.5 or 3 - and at the part where the Red Sea parts so the Isrealites can cross over she had this look of awe on her face and she said "Wow! Who did that mommy?" "God did that." "Wow! Good job God!" And for all the times that I've heard that story, I just sat back slightly stunned and thought - that's exactly it, good job God! Leave it to a toddler to give you a perspective adjustment.